I endorse Eastman Strings guitars -- Model 146 and 145. I also play a Cordoba RWCE Nylon string guitar. I used to play a Gibson Johnny Smith, but the weight and dimensions of the guitar made it too unwieldy to play. On my Eastman 146 and 145 models, I swapped out the Kent Armstrong in favor of Seymour Duncan SH-2 Humbuckers.

I use exclusively Quilter Labs Amplifiers. Sold all Polytones, Lunchboxes, Ampeg, and AER. I play a MicroPro 200 Combo Amp. In addition, I play the head version of the Quilter with a MojoTone Custom 8 inch Celestian TF0818 cabinet. My last few records I was fortunate to use an amazing Diaz Tube amp at Red Rock Studio in PA.

I am really excited about consulting and test driving a new travel archtop guitar that is modular for Paddock Design.